Possessing the Promised Land Series: Episode 1 : The Mandate

Possessing the Promised Land Series: Episode 1 : The Mandate

I am starting weekly series, Possessing the Promised Land. This will be about the book of Joshua in the bible who God used to bring the Israelites from the wilderness to the promised land Canaan. Even though the book was written more than two thousand years ago, it was written for our own benefit and as an example for us to follow.

The Israelites were in slavery in Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. God had told Abraham his descendants would be slaves for four hundred years before they return to the land of Canaan. This was when Abraham sojourned Canaan and at that time he had no kids of his own. God in his timing gave Abraham a son Isaac from which the Israelites descended from. It was like fate brought them to Egypt when there was famine in the land of Canaan and Egypt was under the ruler ship of Joseph their kin but it wasn’t. it was as God said. So the family of Jacob who was a son of Isaac went to Egypt to save themselves from the famine ravaging the land. Years went by, the Egyptians began to fear the Israelites thus subjected them to slavery because they were scared that during the time of war, the Israelites would fight with their enemies and subdue them thus the subjection to slavery (Exodus 1:9-14).

Israelites under Egyptian rule

All was in God’s plan. When the timing was right God raised up Moses to bring out the people from slavery. God led them to the wilderness route even though it was a longer route because they were not ready if there were to contend for their rights. They have been enslaved for four centuries. They didn’t have that mindset of a free man even though they were free(Ex13:17-18). They were in the desert for forty years. That was not his intention but for fear and wrong choices they stayed that long. Moses at the beginning was supposed to lead them to the promised land but for anger and disobedience, he lost that chance. Joshua was chosen instead (Deut. 31:1).

So who was Joshua? Joshua was one of the Israelites that left Egypt in the great exodus. Joshua son of Nun from the tribe of Ephraim, one of the twelve tribes of Israel, Moses personal assistant, one of the twelve spies that went to spy the land of Canaan who returned with a faith-based report (Num.14:6) and Moses successor.


Moses lived out his days and went in the way of his fathers leaving Joshua with this task of leading the Israelites to the promised land. This was daunting. The land of Canaan was inhabited with formidable people who have taken the place as home having to contend with someone in his ‘own’ territory isn’t an easy task. Leading the people was another. He saw firsthand how Moses lost his promise of entering the promised land. Moses also left a huge shoe to fill. He didn’t want to look as if he wasn’t not qualified. A lot was going through his mind. Will they respect him as they did Moses? He wasn’t Moses and never will be. He was Joshua. He didn’t do things the way Moses did. The task ahead him was daunting. God spoke to him not to be afraid and that he was going to be with him as he was with Moses. Though he had his own part to play; obey the word of God and meditate on it so that it will be part of him. He told him to obey him. He didn’t promise a smooth journey ahead but he promised he was going to be with Joshua all the way. Three times he commanded him to be strong and courageous, not to be frightened or dismayed. Joshua was going to be on one huge task with this one. the only thing that would make him successful was just to focus on God(Joshua1:6-9).


You have a dream that you want to come true. That dream is huge. It is bigger than you and it looks like it is going to visualize. There are what it seems to be obstacles along its path and it seems one is not heading anywhere even after you have done all you can. It can be quite disappointing. Disillusion may begin to set in. you begin to ask yourself if what you are doing is actually the right thing. But deep down in your heart you know you are going to regret it if you give up.

Life isn’t a smooth journey even Christ when he came to Earth did not have it easy. If there were no challenges, there cannot be champions. If there were no conquest, there cannot be conquerors. It is not all the time life throws lemons. Sometimes it hurls at us stones in every direction. There are times it seems everything is just falling apart. The only thing you have to stand upon is the word of God. He has promised that he will never fail and he has never. Whatever he tells you to do, just do it. He already knows the end from the beginning.