Paranoia filled the town of Jericho when they heard tales about a large group of people who their God parted the red sea for them to cross over, subdued kingdoms for them and now they were nearer their own domain. How their sandals and clothes grew on them in the desert and eating food directly from heaven. Their hearts were melted with fear. They knew they were no match for them but they could postpone that day at least. A census was taken to know who is from who’s family to know who is an outsider. Everyone was a suspect or worse could-be spy. Rahab a prostitute heard all those tales and believed in her heart that the God who did this for this particular set of people known as the Hebrews is the one true God and there was no one like him. Little did she know that the God who knows and sees all had set her mark in history just because of that.

One fateful evening,  two men entered into the town and went to a known joint to chill and get info about the town. Joshua had sent them on a mission to spy the land and come back with report. Forty years ago, he was one of the spies that was sent. Only two of out twelve brought back with a positive report. The others came back literally speaking and this cost them forty years of their lives instead of days.  Now back to the spies. Unknown to them, everyone knew everyone because they were all on high security alert. The two Hebrew sensed it and decided to slip away quietly. They were followed. From afar Rahab saw them trying to escape and beckoned them to follow her to her house where she hid them on her roof under flax.


The town police came searching for them. They couldn’t find them. When they left, Rahab told them where best to hide before going to their home and made them promise to save her and her family. They agreed to that only if she put a scarlet rope on her window as a symbol of their agreement. She obliged and they went in hiding and later back to camp.


Now we have a better covenant. Those in Christ Jesus, the blood speaks for us against any evil that wants to come against us. The blood that was shed covers us from evil and cleanses us from every sin. It doesn’t matter what we have done in the past or what we are doing presently that one is ashamed just believe in him and accept him as your Lord and saviour. You automatically come under the  blood and become a new creature. Old things have passed away and you become new; the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary. It bring to light this song in my heart “Calvary covers it all”.


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