Every morning when I wake up and goes outside, it is as if my neighbor’s ram I call it Rimmy greets me good morning or it seems. I hope I am not going crazy. When rimmie was brought, I was like sallah meat don set. The celebration is over, Rimmy is still here. When Rimmy bleats it reminds me of my folly three years ago.  I just came back from work one evening and was so stressed out and had an early light out. It was twelve midnite, a sound woke me up. It was coming from the backyard and I caught a scent. I checked the time again I was like omg. This could be a beast. I was so scared stiff. At the time, it was the bbm golden era. I pinged one of my neighbors who also happen to be my colleague at work that she should wake up and pray so that the so called evil beast will fall and die. I started praying too and fell asleep.


I woke up at dawn and noticed I was sleeping at an odd angle in my bed. I then recalled what happened at midnite. I heard the sound again. It sounded familiar, sounded domestic. I ran to the backyard, lo and behold it was as a ram. I went down hard and laughed at myself. I really did laugh at myself.
Like seriously what on Earth happened at midnight? Where did my sense go to? It wasnt long i treated myself for malaria. So it is not nonsense dream that comes with Malaria. Neigbor pls do abeg. Let Rimmie serve his function.


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