When You know your friends rip you off with asoebi


My friend called me notifying me about her impending wedding #asoebithings. When she told me the price of the asoebi I was like OK after what are friends for. Couple of days later, I got my asoebi. The price tag of the fabric was five times the normal price the the asoebi and on the high side. Annoyingly the quality was not there to boost it. I don’t know which one made me angrier. So gone are the days when you arrange a lovely gift for the couple as it was an unwritten rule not to come empty-handed. But now, who cares? Instead one is eyeing souvenirs. Back to my friend asoebi saga. I told her apologetically that at the moment I couldn’t afford it except she wanted to be chasing me around for debt payment. She wasn’t happy about it. I have learnt by experience it is better to speak up instead of suffering in silence. I will just wear something from the color code and buy a lovely gift with joy in my heart.


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