It is easier to detect fault in others than our own. I was having a conversation with my mum. She invested into  a business she was not supposed to invest in and now it had become a thorn in her flesh instead of reaping financial rewards it is thorns. So I kinda reminded of how that business was sown in the first place. It had no place for God to be in charge so now it is awry. The painful part was that she was still blaming God for why it was not working and I was like “seriously you have got to be kidding me”. I didn’t want to argue with my mum so I just went outside to just cool off. It then hit me how many faults I have that I am not seeing yet I see another person faults and point it to the person. My prayer then was that God should open my eyes to see my faults and work on them to remove the plank in my own eye before I remove the speck in my neighbor’ s eye.


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