On Body Shaming


Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitutes toward another person’s weight or size.  Most of the time people assume only fat people are body shamed but it is not so. I was a victim for many of this unfortunately, I did not even know that body shame was the definition until early this year .  Where I come from, if you are not looking like a mesomorph then something is wrong with you. I have been slim all my life. The truth was that I was even body shamed from home. As I was the only very slim child as my siblings bigger in stature and weight. So my parents will be like “Eva you are not eating well, try and eat more to add more flesh. Don’t go out you look thin, wait until you add weight. Eva you need to eat can’t you see your Junior sister is getting bigger than you?”  As in seriously….. I built a wall around myself. If I was not there in the body department at least, I can compensate myself in the brain department and that was why I did. Still I felt that pain of unacceptance because I thought my identity was how I looked. Even if someone told me I was beautiful I didn’t believe it cause I didn’t see myself as beautiful. My dating life suffered. The truth is that to get the right person, you have to be the right person. You can only attract your type.


In college, I was so shy because of what I thought others might think or say. My turning point came with my last break up. I just sat down thinking. I don’t want to end my life with this guy who was been critical of me. I realized it was me.  I then wanted a change. In short I was done with been critical of myself. I needed a clean break. I began to see myself as beautiful. I began to celebrate my strength and enjoy life.


Everybody cannot be a particular body type. Variety is what makes life beautiful. 


My story continues………I’m alive. I’m living.


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