Should Same Sex High Schools Still Be Allowed?

As it is, I’m pissed. What I heard today. It was scary and at the same time so annoying. One of my younger relatives came home for the Easter break and told me that he was almost raped by his senior. He attends an all boys school. He is so scared to tell his parents as they want to change him to another school which is an all boys school again. That’s not the point anyway. The point is what is the reason for a same sex school anyway. Homosexuality in this part is not a new thing. Though it has always been a silent case that has always been swept under the carpet. Perhaps same sex schools was better in the days when you didn’t know there was no social media or the internet to bombard ones curiousity and arouse what one didn’t know could be awoken. I attended an all girls school back then. Let me add I was a late starter. I didn’t know about boys till after high school. To even talk to them in my fresh year in college was a problem. It was that bad. I have lovely memories too. You can be very mischevious and naugty without having anyone think of you as a bitch. Lol. That was then. The world has changed now. For starters we have much more frequent solar eclipse than we use to.

I think mixed schools are much preferable in this age. Children should be allowed to have a choice in their sexual orientation not being forced and later in life they can’t understand why they chose what they did. They should also be protected of their innocence as long as you can help them.


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