Recently a woman in the us after six years of soul searching and not dating decided to ‘marry‘ herself. In my own opinion, I think she has gotten the idea of marriage wrong. Call me old fashioned, unconventional but marriage was meant for male and female in the beginning. God had to create an opposite sex before the term marriage was conceived. It is an institution of two people leaving their own lives and sharing with each other. So who is she leaving to share in this case? The world has gone under but how much more under should it go? It is a good thing she discovered herself. it is a very beautiful thing that can happen to someone. But it is now a choice if you want to share that beautiful self with someone who is worthy of that beauty you have discovered. Seriously you don’t have to kiss a mirror and consummate the marriage with a vibrator or dildo (just saying). I wish her the best but that aint marriage. It is a celebration of self. I think lexicographers should have a name coined for this act cos this aint called marriage.


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