Today they were having a wake-keeping of my neighbor and I couldn’t bring myself to go. I had always been scared of the man. I never like going to his compound when he was alive and now he is gone. It is still the same. the week he died, I went to console his relatives and some other neighbors. No one had anything good to say about him other than he lived a reckless life which then caused his demise. That was the saying everywhere. And he was irresponsible. But when the wake-keep was scheduled some peeps came almost an hour and a half early which is quite surprising as a Nigerian. Why then did they come, are we all keeping up pretenses just to make contacts? Im sure they were not there for the man but to make contacts with shots that came for the keep. I’m sad that he is gone. It just sad for the falseness today.

That’s that. I went to church and boy did I meet my former pastor when I was in college. I can say he really looked good dammn ! and I say that in a good way. Back then he was the youth pastor as he was single had a lovely accent as he is a Northern Nigerian and boy he could sing. He is what you call the TDH. Pastor C was a dream. I saw him today and smiled. He is now reality. He made a statement about him not changing over the years, I almost raised my hands up to say that was not true that he sure looked better with time hehehehehehehehe. Don’t let my boyfriend hear that one. Im not having any fantasies about pastor C. I just admire him in a pure way.


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