Surrendering to Love

“Nothing is meaningful except surrendering to Love.  Do it.”


Love is what makes life worth living. It is what colors life. I have had my heart broken because of giving my heart to someone who didn’t know how to take care of something so fragile. At first I was apportioning blames and all that but later. I realised it was better to forgive and let go. I would be the one to suffer if I allow the hurt to linger. It is part of life and it is also part of life to move on. Love involves every aspect of our lives. it is just todays world we tend to categorize everything even to categorize love. Categorization has turned to confusion. love is love it is either you show it or you dont. I have a friend you argues with me that love doesnt exist and that love is empty. I stand to disagree with that. It is all around us. We are just to categorizing to notice.

Love was not created. Love is the creator as the creator is love.


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