Nyanya Again?


It is not up to three weeks when there was an explosion at Nyanya park in Abuja Nigeria. Scores of people died as it happened during Monday rush hour. I lost a good friend of mine in that explosion. It was a mournful day for Nigeria. Now there happened another bomb explosion opposite ground zero. Haba! what is it now? I remember two years ago. I was just living in fear because of Boko Haram. Bomb blast was the order of the day everyweek. I had phobia of everyone walking around me till I got so numb and scared to be afraid. Every monday would wake up and cry for the souls that went the day before. I can’t say which is worse now. If it is not one thing it is another. Is peace far-fetched? Why must there be killings. people in that area are struggling to survive. I know some would have lost their loved ones in that previous explosion. Must we be hurting over and over again? Is there an end to this pain?


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