My condolences to the families of those who lost their lives to the stampede during the national immigration service exam that held on Saturday last week. It is rather pathetic and they wonder why boko haram exists? We have that large army of unemployed youths who are restless ha! That is a very dangerous situation. The mentality of the society is the get rich quick one. How many wants to work hard and get to the top when politicians are flaunting their wealth they just got just by getting into office. As if those who work for theirs are magas. It takes those with grounded characters not to be be swayed by this. No one is saying they should look ragged but haba. The gap is plenty. There is a lot to be done in this country for jobs to be created. Everyone knows the solution, but who will solve the problem? It is obviously not GEJ. Im not blaming him though. I am not praising him either. There is really nothing to talk about on his side. It is obvious we are on our own as Nigerians. We might as well do something or cause something to be done.  On my own account what needs to be done is stability of the power sector, revival of the manufacturing sector. Is it everything we must import because of label. We have brains in this country. Even the developed countries give us credit because of that just that we are known as scammers. How come a country that drills crude oil doesn’t have an efficient refinery? Instead we refined abroad. we are just a consumer nation. How then can we be better if we go one like this? Is it only refinery. The whole thought of it is just so annoying yet someone will be smiling on newspaper and say we are progressing.



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