Neighbors, We do have them

I live in a building of six flats and there is no way I can’t talk to my neighbors including the one I try to avoid because we are all connected to the same light.
There is this neighbor that moved in recently. He claims he doesn’t cause trouble but even the way he talks even irks the people in the yard. At first I didn’t care less. Afterall it is just hi and hello at the most. Don’t get me wrong I love communicating but there are some people for the sake of peace, you just keep at an arms length. He rewired his house because he wanted to use his generator thereby cutting four of the compound mates out and he is still claiming that he doesn’t know who did the wrong connection. And that he is an electrician. The building electrician came yesterday and my neighbor pissed him off. Listening to him talk, that is my neighbor he has the mentality that everybody is against him and that he has to fight before they even do. People really don’t care. They have enough problems to deal with. Being in Nigeria, in the north for that matter is enough. If this didn’t concern me, I wouldn’t have bothered but with the light connection that he did, I don’t want to go out and come back meeting my things in ashes.
The electrician now decided to cut me off from the man’s house and did an external,connection but the thing is, not all my sockets are working and two I have a dislike for seeing wires just any how, it really give me creeps especially in house wire connection that doesn’t look tidy. My eye sees them as snakes when I wake up in the morning before it clears. So I just have to fall back to my neighbor and play with his mind to get what I want. Leonardo do carpio did it in Inception. Mine wouldn’t be that complex lol. I just need it to be done and done well. Some people are just very interesting.


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