Perception of Beauty


Every woman wants to be beautiful. Beauty is described as something pleasant to look at in a deep way. Because of the world standard of beauty, some women go through extreme measures sadly some have lost their lives in the process,while some have scars to remember. Not everyone have to go under the knife. Some are born beautiful


I.e they already fall into the standard of beauty. In short the quest is like a man who went to the ends of the earth seeking wisdom only to discover that he had it all along.

Most women when in their teens they start to discover themselves. Its like eyes are being opened. This is the period like a flower one begins to bud and bloom. Not all bloom at the same time and flowers are not the same.


Sadly because they didn’t bloom like their mates, some carry it to adulthood. Media has a role of assaulting people with messages. If you are confused already, then your confusion goes deeper. You aspire to be someone else instead of being yourself.


The truth is accepting yourself. There is nothing liberatingly beautiful as being you in every way. You don’t need anyone to tell you how uniquely beautiful you are before you believe you are. Discover yourself and love that person you have discovered.


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