Mothers and Daughters

During my childhood up to my teenage years, the relationship I had with my mum was rocky. I just couldn’t understand her. We just didn’t get along at all. Anything she told me I just did the opposite so if she wanted to get me to do anything done, she had to go through my dad. I practically worshipped the ground he walked on. We started to get along in my adult life and I notice that I am just turning like her in many ways. She asked me why I was so downright stubborn when it came to doing things she wanted me to do. I guess I thought she didn’t love me the way she loved my junior brother, and that she was too busy for me. So I was hurt but now I understand. Im glad that she is alive that I was able to apologize for my stupidity those times. Well we still do clash at times when it comes to the battle of wills. I am an adult but she still sometimes sees me as a kid and wants to take care of me even though we are not in the same geographical location. I guess even though we are older that age gap hasn’t reduced. Lol.

I went to my friend’s house last night and she had a misunderstanding with her mum. This was someone that my mum was trying to use to talk to me and she was trying to make me understand from my mum’s point of view. Read my last post you will understand. I was adamant that I aint going. It wasn’t bad that I had to leave to go far and God was in charge. She had a clash with her mum, that same evening. I was like wow. Mine is even better at least my stubbornness is the silent kind. You are even nagging and before you know it, both of them started gisting like nothing happened. What my own? I just went to her kitchen and told her mum that I was hungry and her mum loves to cook for many people. So I ate till I was stupid. I learnt that day, the people who we are alike is the people we clash with more because we see ourselves in them one way or the other and most times parts in ourselves we don’t like . But I know the love we have for our mothers is fierce. Mine is anyway.


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