Healed by The Word of Faith

On the penultimate Saturday in July, I woke up and drank water and felt a sensation at the back of my throat. So the week after, I went to the ENT hospital and was told that I had an inflammation and was given drugs to bring it down. Till then it had been one thing or the other. Yesterday, I went back to the hospital and was asked a series of questions by another ENT doctor the symptoms he asked me I was answering in the affirmative save one, fever. He then referred me to a specialist. Many thoughts ran through my mind. It could be what I didn’t even want to think it was. So I prayed and asked God for healing and believed the word according to Exodus 15:26, 1Peter 2:24.

Sometimes fear can compound issues for you. I had been in this situation since July and this is September. I had been on drugs and it only made it worse. I just realized yesterday that the drug is fake. Can you imagine that. I was then reacting to God-knows-what they put inside the drugs. Nigeria only God can save person in this country. So I turned to the only Helper I know can help me. My parents told me to come home so I can be treated to tell you the truth I was tired of drugs and all. Everyday I spoke healing, goodness, wholeness to my body. There is one thing saying it and another believeing it. You have to believe in God’s word for it to work for you. If you don’t , you are on your own. His word is living and active. A double edged sword enough to sever the soul and the spirit. Heb 4:12. Well let me tell you categorically that today as I am posting this blog I am healed. I havent yet gone back to the ENT specialist. I will give you the good news very soon.


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