Financial Freedom

This is what my pastor preached today and I am sharing it with you.
Until u settle with God, it is not ur time to be settled.
We need God to settle us financially before we can be free from fianancial crisis.
What are the symtoms of finanical crisis
Begging Ps 37:5, John 7:5,
Management and insufficiency
Perpetual indebtedness and credit purchases
Financial set-back
Financial embrassment prov 18:23
Deprivation from good things of life.

What are the causes of financial crisis
Job crisis (Absence of job or having a job that is not fit for u) Eph 4:28
Love for pleasure Prov 21:17
Showmanship Prov 13:7
Inability to release what you have
Financial unfaithfulness Prov 13:11 if the source of your income destroys people, it can never last
Neglect for your family 1tim 5:8

How you can remove yourself from poverty
If you don’t want to live your life in poverty, you must raise a financial sacrifice.


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