Sometime ago, I travelled out of my base for medical check up as I didn’t trust my doctor report. I wasn’t feeling ok and he said I was fine. Not taking chances to another doctor somewhere else. I came back broke but satisfied. I had only three thousand naira left. I have this neighbor. He doesn’t talk to people. Even if you greet him he will grunt in response. He came and knocked at my door. I was shocked when I saw it was him. I have been in this area for almost three years and all I get is a grunted response.

He explained that he wanted to borrow money and that the person who wanted it was waiting for him. So I lent him and told him to return it at the stipulated time he said he would return it. The next day. I saw his car parked in the fashion he parks it when he is travelling on a long journey. It irked me that he didn’t keep to his word. So I managed myself. After one month, someone was knoecking again at my door at dawn. He told me that he was sent by that man and he had been coming only to meet my gate locked so he decided to come early so he won’t miss me. I was happy.

The morale I want to bring out here is it is not that I hadn’t been around when the man came knocking perhaps I didn’t hear him knocking or I just decided not to hear .(sometimes I do that) so my expectation was postponed till when I was ready. Perhaps we pray for blessings from God and he sends them. Sometimes we are not ready or we do not recognize that blessing when it comes most especially when it is disguised as something else. While waiting for an expectation. We need wisdom and discernment and sensitivity to know and possess what we are waiting for.


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