A Time To Love

In the bible we were thought about the meaning of love. We only love when we live. We were born to love. Some peeps may say they cannit bring themselves to love after they have been hurt but the truth is they hurt because they are caged by their past and yes only love can set them free.


How can one be free? You must start from yourself.  You can say to yourself. ‘I am created to love, I was crrated by love so I am a product of love.’ This product is irrespective of the manner by ehich one was conceived and brought forth into this world. That we have no control over but the one we have, we should mske good use of it. When you start with yourself, you will be draw ypur kind snd be able to kniw ho is genuine or not. Thanks to your experience in the past.

It is better to give while you are alive. You may change someone course by doing so.


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