Why do married men cheat

I went to see my friend from the office in her house and she was with her friend. When three ladies get together three gists no two fashion and relationships. There was this man that was toasting her friend, he is married and that day he was coming to take her out. Out of curiousity I decided to wait and check the man out. He came as he said so my friend and I was chatting him up while the toastee was getting ready and almost every conversion he had with us ended with his wife. If he is so into his wife, so why cheating. I personally do not date married men as I respect that santicty of that institution and I would want to enter mine with a clean conscience. This man was mentioning his wife in everything every involvement. I admore the obvious love and respect but I am curious why chasing another?
I did not ask him because really she is a friend to my friend and he was meeting me for the first time. She is a full blown adult so whatever decision she makes with her toaster concern her. We women could be funny. You may say you will not do so and so in another presence but behind you will still do what you wanna do.

Is she just a sexual object he wants to experiment with or that even though he loves oha soup he wants to try other varieties somtimes?


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