The Wedding

I went for a wedding in Markurdi which is known as the food basket of the nation. With my colleagues. Lodging there I had to ask some locals is this really the food basket because really there is nothing here. Food isn’t exactly cheap save Yam. It was only the ones that had not gone out that argued in the affirmative but those who had gone to other states say Kaduna gave this that it is just a political slogan for people to come and invest. Well that was the observation.


The wedding I went for, taught me lessons. You cannot do it all alone. Up till now peeps in my office are so bitter about how they were received to tell you the truth it would had been cheaper buying a present and giving the groom than traveling and not been received properly after many hours on the road as if you were forcing yourself on someone with the invitation letter to booth. I need not say more. The reception was an apology how can someone do that. I felt like bursting into tears I would have stayed in my house and enjoyed my weekend. Money just went down the drain all for nonsense. Yes he had married but if you know you were not capable of receiving people you should have done a secret wedding IV is not compulsory. This was a friend o. Ii almost questioned the hospitality of the TIV nation.


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