Cry from a patriotic Nigerian

Arise o compatriots

Nigerians call obey

To serve our fatherland

With love and strength and faith

The labour of our heroes past

shall never be in vain

to serve with heart and might

One nation bound in freedom

Peace and Unity

That is our national anthem. The last two lines are being threatened by a body that wants to distort that unity. Someone cannot just wake up one morning and want to divide that nation. The nation belongs to all of us. More than forty years ago we tried division and it did not work. People who should be alive are not because of that choice why then should we go that part when we already know the outcome? What is wrong with us bound in freedom? Freedom to worship whoever we want to worship must we be forced to worship one person everyone should have a choice. People sit at home supply devices to those people who then use it to displace the masses. All to what just to topple to govt. if they want to topple the govt must the masses suffer too. The sorrows keep increasing each day. The rise of insomnia has increased geometrically. Lets take a cue from South Sudan even with the division with their Northern counterparts they still experience problems about oil control. I really don’t know their ethnic relationship as in the southern Sudan. But as of Nigeria we are so diverse. Not only would there be oil control controversy, the ethnic disunity that was like a minor issue would now come alive. What then would happen to our Northern brothers that are not in party with the division, Not everyone of them would want to go to the North.

Sometimes when a Marriage is having problem divorce isn’t the answer. we are about a hundred and sixty million people more the 75% are against this menace that call themselves Boko Haram. Yes it starts from the seat of government which they have infiltrated. There is power in Numbers. what would be left of Nigeria for our children in years to come? Would it be years of war? That thought is a horrendous one. Lets us come together and save our country Nigeria.


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