Living the life of Faith

“Faith is the the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen”Heb 11:1. Last week God really did wonders in my life. Everyday he holds my hands and leads me to where he is taking me. I wanted to leave the place where I currently reside. I just did not have peace there, in my heart I mean and there was one particular place I wanted. I started speaking it that this is the place I wanted this is the place I desired and seriously not that the money was with me immediately. On Monday, I went to town and a friend called me up that the house i so desired was vacant but there was someone who wanted to take it up. I knelt down on my knees then and thank God for the open door, went to the woman who was leaving the house. ( when you want something you have to be proactive about it). She told me that she was sorry that if I had called last night the house would have been mine. In my heart I told God this house is gonna be mine. for the fact it is vacant it will be MINE. Money i did not have but i had faith. The next day she called me up and asked if I was still interested I told her yes. Honestly how the money came it is still a surprise to me to tell you something I am flat broke( most of it is my fault) but sincerely God’s mercy is ever there. He still saw me through. I got the money and paid.

Why am I saying this? I have always been this kind of person who prepares and plan for everything. Believes in the logical. My faith was kind of very low. I almost did not have any. but this 2011, God has showed himself mightlily in my life. Ordered my steps protected me from harm in short He is my best friend. Sometimes I look at myself and say is this me cos the me i used to know is not the me I know now. Yes, i sometimes I stumble but he is always there to pick me up. He deals with each of us individually. It is all about surrender and it is a daily thing


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