Wedding and Divorce

The Blogosphere is buzzing about Kim Kardiashian divorcing her new husband. What then is the point? is it the fact you want to prove you want to wear the ring or what? Some of us have not even entered and want the happy ever after or till death do us part. So what inspiration do you then have for someone that is an icon to some people. That marriage is scar? I do not think so. I am still single so I am not in a position to give a long advice. The ring is well respected. There is a difference between the single and the married person. we females we know how to differentiate it wella. It is all about doing it right from the beginning. loving the person like you love yourself. Be prepared from the onset before you tie the knot with the person that you are ready to live your life with that individual and go to God for help. it is only by his Grace that one prevails on such an UNDERTAKEN.

I will rest my case from here. The truth is we all know it deep down in our heart if this person is right for us or not.


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