predator and the prey

I know this picture does not depict what I wanna write but it is just one sided. In human terms of the predator sometimes you dont have to run because of the way the predator may present himself. It may be so enticing and at the time when you needed help you would not even realise that what you actually want was given to you by a carnivore ( sorry to use that word I am not biased). Most it is only outsiders that would see what is actually going on. Right now as I am blogging it is happening in my office. This guy let me call him PA brought a lady who actually is a new staff to my to chat up with her. They have not paid in my office for like three months everyone is broke talkless of the new staff it is hope they have to cling to. So he chats her up but we outsiders know what is going on. It is the same thing everytime he is chatting up. I aint judging it depends on if you want to play the game or stop it where you want to stop.


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