wheel of time

Before my akukwo, I migrated from tumble to word. I decided i did not want to tumble no more(black american english i  never understand). It just seems like yesterday i came to this town with just to boxes to start my life. and now it is one whole year. I thank God for the gift of life. sometimes I look at myself and say Eva you have changed.

Yeah time has played it part it was a major instrument. I used to be a very shy person cannot look you in the eye and talk and even should i say sociophobic. One of my friends in college days told me about one joke that if there is someone who would be trying to read novel inside club lite it would be me seriously I do not understand it correlation to what i am trying to say but i will try and relate it. I would rather read than communicate with people. talk to the mirror than talk to people. God is so merciful I got a job after my service year and part of it was to teach(I didn’t teach during my NYSC pls dont ask me what I did). If mirrors could talk it would have screamed at me to shut up. This was not to kids but to adults. It went well. 

My christain life God knows that one true true I am not perfect but at least I dey try. I communicate with my father. To my xtain brethen it has not been easy but for the knowledge that na only him I get and that he is the essence of my existence, I can say my relationship with him gets better by the day. I have never been the type that likes to do the essence of twitter (follow follow) I believe we are all different and I am beginning to find my place which is so awesome. Honestly speaking God is love. There is no how you can split the two.


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