lessons from Legend of the seeker

Legend of the seeker is one of my favorite movies not because o f the actions and the slow motions of the running the sword or the hair, that goes up and down. It is the heart behind the movie.


Richard is this guy that loves to help people even he dey do message where they no send am. For example in his first appearance in season one, he takes his time to build a bridge that people could use to cross the river instead of them taking a long journey. The point is that he had a heart. He never knew that his destiny was bigger than Hartland ; the village he grew up in. Let us leave his grandfather I would write about that one in the coming series.

Richard is the only firstborn son that survived the massacre of Breniddon  in the Midlands. He was the son that was prohecied to kill his elder brother Darken Rahl the first born of his father Panis Rahl. His brother Darken Rahl murdered his father after his father told him that he had sired a son that would kill him. Mistake number one. I really do not blame Darken Rahl for trying to murder Richard. I do not blame him for his ways. Yes everyone has a choice to make but the thing is he was inclined to do evil. Something born out of evil would be evil.  You surrounded your child with magic he was born with magic what then do you expect. You cannot get orange from a mango tree.

Mistakes are made but the good thing is that nature has always created a way so there could be a balance. It is just like in the scriptures. Adam was the first man the firstborn on Earth no mistake was found in him. He did not have to struggle for anything because everything was provided for even his wife he just had to sleep and wake up. Viola! This is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my  flesh. It was that easy, till the fall. God provided a way the day the costly mistake was made. Jesus Christ. To be  continued…………….


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