This is my Month!

It is like dayz to my birthday. I have so much to thank the Lord for in one year. 1. Good health it is only him that preserves life. Without health wetin man go do. Health they say is wealth 2. He gave a good job. (i was able to leave home and start my life on my own with Him with me all through the way. 3. Coming here I was able to discover things in me that i never did or something i was afraid to do due to my perfonist nature but i did anyway with laffs. You wanna know them? They r hobbies sha o. Sewing and baking. Im the kind of person just with one lesson my creativity takes the rest. I never knew i could do it without much ado and now? Mo baaaad gan! As per relationship status im still single waiting for that lucky man. After all I aint the one to do the searching………. The list is endless. I have God to thank the Lord. One thing i tell my friend is that the reason why I am not afraid of moving forward is that God is hloding my hand and leading me every step of the way.


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