Loving yourself

Sandra as a kid had always visualised herself as an adult to be a tall slim beautiful woman. Her mother was a nurse so she read health books but more on the female anatomical part. When puberty came, due to the knowlede she had she saw that her friends were growing taller and ‘places’ began to size up. But hers was kind of slow still she still did bot budge now at 25 sandra has a small frame it was like she did not get what she wanted and everytime she looked in the mirror she does not like what she sees. (in her heart she says this is not what i want to look like I do not like this body) Her relationships with the opposite sex has not being good since she has not good to herself. If you do not love yourself you should never expect a human being to love u as you deserve because that would be unfair. The truth is how would you even know love when you are not giving it to yoursel. Everyone cannot be the same. Yes you had an idealised version as a kid but you grew up and became wiser.


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