Possessing the Promised Land Series Episode 2 : The Scarlet Cord 1

Possessing the Promised Land Series Episode 2 : The Scarlet Cord 1

Paranoia filled the town of Jericho when they heard tales about a large group of people who their God parted the red sea for them to cross over, subdued kingdoms for them and now they were nearer their own domain. How their sandals and clothes grew on them in the desert and eating food directly from heaven. Their hearts were melted with fear. They knew they were no match for them but they could postpone that day at least. A census was taken to know who is from who’s family to know who is an outsider. Everyone was a suspect or worse could-be spy. Rahab a prostitute heard all those tales and believed in her heart that the God who did this for this particular set of people known as the Hebrews is the one true God and there was no one like him. Little did she know that the God who knows and sees all had set her mark in history just because of that.

One fateful evening,  two men entered into the town and went to a known joint to chill and get info about the town. Joshua had sent them on a mission to spy the land and come back with report. Forty years ago, he was one of the spies that was sent. Only two of out twelve brought back with a positive report. The others came back literally speaking and this cost them forty years of their lives instead of days.  Now back to the spies. Unknown to them, everyone knew everyone because they were all on high security alert. The two Hebrew sensed it and decided to slip away quietly. They were followed. From afar Rahab saw them trying to escape and beckoned them to follow her to her house where she hid them on her roof under flax.


The town police came searching for them. They couldn’t find them. When they left, Rahab told them where best to hide before going to their home and made them promise to save her and her family. They agreed to that only if she put a scarlet rope on her window as a symbol of their agreement. She obliged and they went in hiding and later back to camp.


Now we have a better covenant. Those in Christ Jesus, the blood speaks for us against any evil that wants to come against us. The blood that was shed covers us from evil and cleanses us from every sin. It doesn’t matter what we have done in the past or what we are doing presently that one is ashamed just believe in him and accept him as your Lord and saviour. You automatically come under the  blood and become a new creature. Old things have passed away and you become new; the blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary. It bring to light this song in my heart “Calvary covers it all”.


And Rimmy Died

And Rimmy Died

Two days ago, I blogged about my neigbor’s ram, Rimmie. Well it seems he read this as of now Rimmie is inside pot of stew, stomach and every “kayan Cikin” u can think of. Rest in peace Rimmie. You were delicious.



My Neighbor’s Ram

My Neighbor’s Ram

Every morning when I wake up and goes outside, it is as if my neighbor’s ram I call it Rimmy greets me good morning or it seems. I hope I am not going crazy. When rimmie was brought, I was like sallah meat don set. The celebration is over, Rimmy is still here. When Rimmy bleats it reminds me of my folly three years ago.  I just came back from work one evening and was so stressed out and had an early light out. It was twelve midnite, a sound woke me up. It was coming from the backyard and I caught a scent. I checked the time again I was like omg. This could be a beast. I was so scared stiff. At the time, it was the bbm golden era. I pinged one of my neighbors who also happen to be my colleague at work that she should wake up and pray so that the so called evil beast will fall and die. I started praying too and fell asleep.


I woke up at dawn and noticed I was sleeping at an odd angle in my bed. I then recalled what happened at midnite. I heard the sound again. It sounded familiar, sounded domestic. I ran to the backyard, lo and behold it was as a ram. I went down hard and laughed at myself. I really did laugh at myself.
Like seriously what on Earth happened at midnight? Where did my sense go to? It wasnt long i treated myself for malaria. So it is not nonsense dream that comes with Malaria. Neigbor pls do abeg. Let Rimmie serve his function.

Possessing the Promised Land Series: Episode 1 : The Mandate

Possessing the Promised Land Series: Episode 1 : The Mandate

I am starting weekly series, Possessing the Promised Land. This will be about the book of Joshua in the bible who God used to bring the Israelites from the wilderness to the promised land Canaan. Even though the book was written more than two thousand years ago, it was written for our own benefit and as an example for us to follow.

The Israelites were in slavery in Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. God had told Abraham his descendants would be slaves for four hundred years before they return to the land of Canaan. This was when Abraham sojourned Canaan and at that time he had no kids of his own. God in his timing gave Abraham a son Isaac from which the Israelites descended from. It was like fate brought them to Egypt when there was famine in the land of Canaan and Egypt was under the ruler ship of Joseph their kin but it wasn’t. it was as God said. So the family of Jacob who was a son of Isaac went to Egypt to save themselves from the famine ravaging the land. Years went by, the Egyptians began to fear the Israelites thus subjected them to slavery because they were scared that during the time of war, the Israelites would fight with their enemies and subdue them thus the subjection to slavery (Exodus 1:9-14).

Israelites under Egyptian rule

All was in God’s plan. When the timing was right God raised up Moses to bring out the people from slavery. God led them to the wilderness route even though it was a longer route because they were not ready if there were to contend for their rights. They have been enslaved for four centuries. They didn’t have that mindset of a free man even though they were free(Ex13:17-18). They were in the desert for forty years. That was not his intention but for fear and wrong choices they stayed that long. Moses at the beginning was supposed to lead them to the promised land but for anger and disobedience, he lost that chance. Joshua was chosen instead (Deut. 31:1).

So who was Joshua? Joshua was one of the Israelites that left Egypt in the great exodus. Joshua son of Nun from the tribe of Ephraim, one of the twelve tribes of Israel, Moses personal assistant, one of the twelve spies that went to spy the land of Canaan who returned with a faith-based report (Num.14:6) and Moses successor.


Moses lived out his days and went in the way of his fathers leaving Joshua with this task of leading the Israelites to the promised land. This was daunting. The land of Canaan was inhabited with formidable people who have taken the place as home having to contend with someone in his ‘own’ territory isn’t an easy task. Leading the people was another. He saw firsthand how Moses lost his promise of entering the promised land. Moses also left a huge shoe to fill. He didn’t want to look as if he wasn’t not qualified. A lot was going through his mind. Will they respect him as they did Moses? He wasn’t Moses and never will be. He was Joshua. He didn’t do things the way Moses did. The task ahead him was daunting. God spoke to him not to be afraid and that he was going to be with him as he was with Moses. Though he had his own part to play; obey the word of God and meditate on it so that it will be part of him. He told him to obey him. He didn’t promise a smooth journey ahead but he promised he was going to be with Joshua all the way. Three times he commanded him to be strong and courageous, not to be frightened or dismayed. Joshua was going to be on one huge task with this one. the only thing that would make him successful was just to focus on God(Joshua1:6-9).


You have a dream that you want to come true. That dream is huge. It is bigger than you and it looks like it is going to visualize. There are what it seems to be obstacles along its path and it seems one is not heading anywhere even after you have done all you can. It can be quite disappointing. Disillusion may begin to set in. you begin to ask yourself if what you are doing is actually the right thing. But deep down in your heart you know you are going to regret it if you give up.

Life isn’t a smooth journey even Christ when he came to Earth did not have it easy. If there were no challenges, there cannot be champions. If there were no conquest, there cannot be conquerors. It is not all the time life throws lemons. Sometimes it hurls at us stones in every direction. There are times it seems everything is just falling apart. The only thing you have to stand upon is the word of God. He has promised that he will never fail and he has never. Whatever he tells you to do, just do it. He already knows the end from the beginning.

Journey into my 30s


Last year I turned 30. To be honest I had goals I wanted at 30 as a woman, I wanted to settle down. I planned and worked towards it like that Character in baggage. Being 30 without the ring was like a dread to me. The pressure inside and out was real. Honestly I have not even reflected which one pulled me more. Enough of living other people’s expectations enough of being hard on myself. I want to savor every taste of life. Even if I was going to be in a relationship I was going to love myself first. I was going to be in a loving relationship with myself so I would glow inside out. love isn’t “Telemundo”. My family was asking me “how far” I was like me and “john” was over. My mum was like Eva I hope it isn’t your impatience again and your temper(whenever there is a breakup at that almost thirty age, the fault is perceived to be from the woman). I just told her I wanted to exhale and live. I am 31 now still single and very happy.


I wished I had this wisdom in my 20s of not having to please someone at the expense of your happiness but Im grateful for the wisdom that came through pain.  Being single Nigerian woman at 30 is not easy particularly if your younger ones have settled down. family may begin to look at you as if you have a spiritual problem #familylove.

August came this year and I reminisced on my 30th the year before. God gave me a lovely present. I spent my birthday on my father’s death bed. I am grateful for that. I am not based with my family but that year because of my father’s ill health everyone came home. so my third decade on Earth was spent with the family. When I was a kid, on my birthdays, my dad would package a birthday gift. It would be the first thing I see when I wake in the morning with birthday song blasting on the record in the palor. I am the only child he did that for. As I grew up so did the gift start diminishing to just happy birthday but last year, he did not even remember, that was when I knew that all wasn’t really well. I still kept my hope alive. He left this Earth three months later, peacefully. #Restinpeace .

Here are the few things I have learnt in my first year of my 30s

Life is as simple as you make it to be. It starts with your mindset.

I don’t owe anyone explanation. It is God I owe that so I live so that I will be able to answer him without fear.

I am more confident in my own skin now than in my last decade.

Nothing is impossible if I believe: this became more real to me this morning. I had always being saying it as per quoting the scripture but today the word became alive in me.

Everyday is a chance to start  something  or make things better.

Never ever give up no matter what if you know in your heart that it is worth it from the beginning

Once your intuition tells you not to do something, don’t bother doing it: I have many regrets not following this through back in the day.

Love God. It balances everything. Love yourself, love others as you love yourself not more than yourself; you cannot give what you do not have. Being in love the right way kinds of align things right for you. There is a whole new set of confidence that comes with love. God is love.


I am still learning. I am still in my journey forward.

When You know your friends rip you off with asoebi


My friend called me notifying me about her impending wedding #asoebithings. When she told me the price of the asoebi I was like OK after what are friends for. Couple of days later, I got my asoebi. The price tag of the fabric was five times the normal price the the asoebi and on the high side. Annoyingly the quality was not there to boost it. I don’t know which one made me angrier. So gone are the days when you arrange a lovely gift for the couple as it was an unwritten rule not to come empty-handed. But now, who cares? Instead one is eyeing souvenirs. Back to my friend asoebi saga. I told her apologetically that at the moment I couldn’t afford it except she wanted to be chasing me around for debt payment. She wasn’t happy about it. I have learnt by experience it is better to speak up instead of suffering in silence. I will just wear something from the color code and buy a lovely gift with joy in my heart.

Removing the plank in ours before removing the speck in our friend’s eye.

Removing the plank in ours before removing the speck in our friend’s eye.

It is easier to detect fault in others than our own. I was having a conversation with my mum. She invested into  a business she was not supposed to invest in and now it had become a thorn in her flesh instead of reaping financial rewards it is thorns. So I kinda reminded of how that business was sown in the first place. It had no place for God to be in charge so now it is awry. The painful part was that she was still blaming God for why it was not working and I was like “seriously you have got to be kidding me”. I didn’t want to argue with my mum so I just went outside to just cool off. It then hit me how many faults I have that I am not seeing yet I see another person faults and point it to the person. My prayer then was that God should open my eyes to see my faults and work on them to remove the plank in my own eye before I remove the speck in my neighbor’ s eye.